We might be stating the obvious here: You should always approach an animal with caution after it has been shot, especially a ticked-off black bear.

In all fairness, who would think a bear could survive a fall out of a tree that high after being shot three times? But regardless, this young man learned the hard way . . . never jump the gun too fast after shooting a bear.

Bears will often let out what is known as a death moan as the animal is taking its last breaths, so it’s a good idea to wait for that signal before approaching the downed animal. That said, not all bears emit a death moan, so caution is always advised.

Fortunately for this young man (who was probably so close to the base of the tree because he was trying to control the dogs), he was left with only a few cuts and scrapes, because this easily could have ended in disaster.

Image from Rebekha Henry Facebook

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20 thoughts on “Video: Man Attacked by Black Bear He Thought Was Down

  1. why did these people kill the bear…bears are not good eating and generally avoid contact with humans, often by climbing trees…this appeared to be a black bear and incidents of black bear attacks on humans is rare…..

    1. Actually, they are ate in this area and many surrounding areas as common as venison &beef and are quiet similar .. not good for eating is a personal preference/opinion

    2. Holy smokes anyone who would say that bears must have never eaten bear. They are fantastic eating and virtually all black bears shot by hunters make great table fare. Just had bear sausage for breakfast this morning and it is terrific.

      1. my old Daddy once told me do not eat anything that an animal walks on thinks with or screws with and to avoid eating any animal that does not have a cloven hoof….or any animal that would eat me given the opportunity….and that includes my pet cat…if bears are so good to eat how come they are not commercially harvested…

      2. There aren’t any wild animals commercially harvested. They are wild. They can’t be domesticated like other animals like pigs, cows, etc. Chickens just hang around where there shelter and food are. Bears have big claws and sharp teeth-not easy to control as a commercially harvested animal. Not too many farmers are going to raise an animal that can/eventually will attack you and/or kill you. If there were as many as salmon or some other fish we probably would at some level. Bear meat is very good. I’ve been a chef for 40+ years, it is as delectable if not more so, than any of the finest beef, veal, lamb, etc. Bear ribs are the best bbq ribs you could ever have.

  2. Hmmm. This is what hunters call “fair chase,” huh? Run down an animal with a pack of hounds and then shoot him or her when she flees up a tree to escape. I’m sorry that these hunters have no compassion and need to kill in order to feel manly and whole. Nobody needs a rug, a mount, a wall hanging, or a bear meal. It is beyond pathetic and repulsive.

    1. No one needs a cow meal either but they are herded to slaughter by the thousands everyday (umm, burrggers!). Complain about that why don’t you. You can’t whine about one and not the other. If you eat any meat, you can’t complain about either.

      1. I agree with you, Mike. Eating meat from any source — wild or domestic — is unethical and unnecessary. In almost all cases, dairy is just as bad. 30 years ago it was difficult to follow a plant-based diet. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, although meat consumption is a deeply ingrained and therefore difficult habit to break. Nonetheless, it is worth pursuing.

      2. And here we have the token Liberal troll who subscribes to hunting sites so she can dis everyone who doesn’t agree with her chosen lifestyle. A Liberal tactic to try to change the world until everyone thinks like they do. Good luck with that.

  3. I personally know the young man and I hope he was ask before this was posted it. He is not the first person in our community to have been bitten by a bear. I find it completely disrespectful for anyone to talk ill about him or anyone pursuing bear. In our area they are over populated. If anyone watched the video and payed attention he went to finish the bear so it did not suffer and his gun malfunctioned. To the plant eaters. My food shits on yours but we the hunters will continue to save your greens so you can eat.

    1. FFS, this isn’t hunting. Surprised the dude with the rifle didn’t have to have his buddy pull the trigger for him too. “Let’s take the dogs and go tree a juvenile bear, have a guide tell me how to hold the friggen rifle, and shoot it out of the tree.” Doesn’t meet my low hurdle for the definition of “hunting”. Don’t give a shit if there’s bears everywhere – we got ’em here too and I’d call anyone a lot of things if they did this, but none of them would be “hunter”. Stay at home and watch Duck Dynasty, losers.

  4. Saw this happen with a Mullie buck once when my now ex-brother-in-law rush right up and tried to slit the deer’s throat to bleed it out. It jumped up and beat the daylights out of him until I could put another round in it to put it down. Animals are tough and will still be alive after taking woulds that would kill a man.

  5. I’d personally like to come to their yard and blow all their brains out! Who cares if they are over populated! So China but they ain’t killing two to a Pennie! It’s a joke that a country that is as big and wealthy as yours can’t put up defences or barriers so both man and animal can live in peace! You keep killing them you bunch of cunts!! Makes my blood boil!

  6. Personally I would never shoot a bear but if I did I would find it more sporting and humane and challenging to not use dogs or bait and simply spend the time and energy learning the area and looking for sign and then doing some tracking. That is the part of hunting I like best. It is the journey I prefer more than the destination. It gives the animal more of a chance and it pits your skills against mother nature. This appears to be more of a guided hunt for money where the guide guarantees a kill in a short time. Bypassing any hunting skill by using other means. On the other hand bear populations need to be controlled because of the conflicts that can happen. We Don not want bears wandering around elementary schools for example.

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