Video: Man Attacked by Black Bear He Thought Was Down


We might be stating the obvious here: You should always approach an animal with caution after it has been shot, especially a ticked-off black bear.

In all fairness, who would think a bear could survive a fall out of a tree that high after being shot three times? But regardless, this young man learned the hard way . . . never jump the gun too fast after shooting a bear.

Bears will often let out what is known as a death moan as the animal is taking its last breaths, so it’s a good idea to wait for that signal before approaching the downed animal. That said, not all bears emit a death moan, so caution is always advised.

Fortunately for this young man (who was probably so close to the base of the tree because he was trying to control the dogs), he was left with only a few cuts and scrapes, because this easily could have ended in disaster.

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