Shooting a 3D printed pistol has bad news written all over it. This one called the Songbird is pretty impressive, but considering it’s held together using office supplies, we’re a little iffy about shooting it.

YouTuber “Guy in a garage” created a 3D printed gun frame, threw some office supplies on it, popped in a .357 Magnum and fired away. The frame didn’t survive more than three shots, but this guy is lucky the gun didn’t take off any limbs in the process.

Check out the video, but please don’t get any wise ideas and try this one for yourself.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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2 thoughts on “Video: Shooting a 3D Printed .357 Magnum Handgun with a Plastic Barrel

  1. Uh, there is no way that would have blown off a limb. You’ve seen too many cheesy movies. Decent design for a 3d printed pistol. It needs to be beefed up a bit and maybe epoxy reinforced, but not bad.

  2. A gun build/review/test fire, with no footage of it being fired? I don’t need to watch a target, I wanted to watch the pistol being fired.

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