Video Review: The HK VP9 Tactical


Heckler and Koch has a long history of making extraordinary firearms preferred by armed professionals; their roller-delayed, 9mm MP5 submachine gun is 50 years old, but still in widespread use among counter-terrorist and SWAT elements around the globe. Their pistols enjoy the same reputation as their military/law enforcement sub guns and assault rifles, and for years set the gold standard for reliability and durability.

Yet despite this, HK didn’t have a modern striker-fired handgun in production until 2014. The VP9 is a solid pistol with excellent ergonomics and a very respectable trigger. Indeed, the VP9 has seen great commercial success with gun lovers in search of an HK-flavored combat/competition pistol. But something was lacking – a threaded barrel.


With the rising popularity of sound suppressors, HK made the smart move with the introduction of the newest variant of the VP9 series: the VP9 Tactical.


But a lot has changed in the 2 years since the original’s release – can the German gun still hold its own against new contenders like Ruger’s American Pistol or industry standards like the Glock 17? Check out the video below to find out.

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