Video: Michael Waddell Goes on Epic Rant Calling Out Obama, Colin Kaepernick and Hillary Clinton


Michael Waddell went on an epic rant about politics, America, and what he feels is wrong with the current state of our great country.

Waddell called out Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick for creating a racial divide. He announces that he is voting for Trump in the upcoming election, because “he understands what hard work is about, he understands what business is about, and he understand what it means to employ somebody.” Waddell went on to call out Hillary Clinton saying, “I would rather vote for somebody who employs people rather than a 30-year, crooked politician.”

Michael has an interesting stance on all of this, and he brings up valid points talking about why our country is so divided right now. What do you think?

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