Michael Waddell went on an epic rant about politics, America, and what he feels is wrong with the current state of our great country.

Waddell called out Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick for creating a racial divide. He announces that he is voting for Trump in the upcoming election, because “he understands what hard work is about, he understands what business is about, and he understand what it means to employ somebody.” Waddell went on to call out Hillary Clinton saying, “I would rather vote for somebody who employs people rather than a 30-year, crooked politician.”

Michael has an interesting stance on all of this, and he brings up valid points talking about why our country is so divided right now. What do you think?

Image is a screenshot from Michael Waddell Facebook video

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28 thoughts on “Video: Michael Waddell Goes on Epic Rant Calling Out Obama, Colin Kaepernick and Hillary Clinton

  1. Well said and I agree with most of what he feels. Nobody has ever accused me of being a liberal, but where I strongly disagree with Michael is his endorsement of Trump. He has been conned by a con-man. Trump constantly lies about just about everything, his business practices have been phony and crooked, (Trump University was total con-job), he seems to have no idea about a lot of things that he should know about, and he obviously is totally unqualified to the president of our great country. His stated admiration of Russia and that thug Putin is a disgrace. I believe that Trump represents an extreme danger to our republic and if he gets elected we all are going to forever regret electing him. I am no Hillary fan, but like her or not, at least she is qualified to do the job and Trump is just not. He scares the heck out of me! Most of me hunting buddies feel the same way. So, I can’t agree with you on your endorsement of this dangerous guy Michael.

    1. Sure, I agree Trump has a few things in his past but what about Hillary ? What make Hillary qualified to do the job, her past? Do we want Bill back in the White House ? Chelsea as Secretaty of State ?

      1. a few things, he has spread hate, fear and division, has no experience, loser in business and racial baiter. I have yet to see or hear him state on fact proven rational statement.,.. and about his taxes.. he thinks it is “smart” to not pay taxes… insults everyone.. Not a fan of Clinton’s,…. but compared to mess Bush left, which is never discussed, nor his failure ot present emails…. not sure what you are discussing.. or fact checked, just another unformed who fear the fact check…Amusing how he slams Bill’s infidelity when it pales compared to his.. he is kind of like some, if you remove hot air all that is left is hat and boots.Sorry you fear fact check, but most trumpies are that way, fearful of reality.

      2. Your first sentence perfectly describes our current president. Fact checking? You say that Trump is a failure in business because he filed for bankruptcy. He has a 95% success rate in business. The recession took a huge toll on many businesses. As far as his taxes…..are you willing to pay more in taxes than what is required? He has paid what the law requires. If he wasn’t required to pay federal taxes, then he is smart for utilizing the tax code as it is written. Educate yourself.

  2. Amen brother Michael Waddell. We at Huntin Gods Country Outdoors believe and stand with you on what you are saying, God Bless you.

  3. Been some very interesting discussions on WWW about how come those peddling fear and their supporters. Seems the fear mongers vse anxious or with anxiety-concerned, fall into two distinctive groups. The fearful do little-no aka “muh mind (however small) is mad upe) research on facts, truths and details, but instead simply buy into what someone else (like trump) tells them, While on other hand those that have degree of anxiety-concerned, about situation(s) dig into the issues, look up the truths and keep open mind, check out, via unbiased methods, both sides of issues. When you hear rants like this one, or trumps, fairly easy to see who they appeal to and support. The truth is the fearful are less then informed and responsible citizens, to lazy or ignorant to fact check.

    Sad how we have gone from a nation with backbone, ability to sensibly respond to issues and to not buy into the hate and fear snake-oil being sold now days..Kind of amusing how Clinton attacked for emails, when Bush response to millions of them was zero, how trump gets away with lie after lie, how we were warned about outfits like ISIS prior to the Iraq war, based on lies, and other historical facts. But for those with lots of hate, a tad of racism, and fear of the various monsters under the bed, well facts are not a big deal, no real research and like the “Beer Hall folks” of Germany 1930’s, more then a little paranoid, and blindly accept demigods fear mongering. Note am real Independent and while not big fan of Clinton, can only see a severely damaged nation if trump got into office, Very interesting to note that while the trumpiess howl and bay about how bad the elected have performed, never see one little squeak about term limits, restrictions or at least publication of donors, lobby money or how come the return rate for Congress is around 90%, despite the most do nothing Congress on record. Guess fear and hate (with a thing veneer of cover) sell so well, and for sure we can expect guns and ammo prices to go up when nra lemmings rush to stores (again and again) if Clinton elected. Same ole fear and no fact checking.. amusing if not so dangerous to nation..as fear has driven way to many to shut down what made this nation strong, ethical and have some moral values

    1. Read your constitution Mr. Chuck2… And I seriously mean read it… Then tell me how you can even think about voting for Clinton. We have rights that this great country was founded on, Clinton has proven she wants to take some of them away. We base our support for Trump because he will stand up and protect those rights.
      If your eyes are so closed that you can’t see the division of race that has came about in the years of the Obama administration then you need to open them. People are loosing their lives here in The United States because of that division, that is a fact and not fear mongering. Certain people are enciting riots … And for what? Just so they can loot and steal ?
      Think about it…..

      1. There is no real “right” candidate in this election. The closest I can surmise is this,” Do you want Aids or cancer? I’ll leave it to the masses to decide but I’ll take Trump for my vote

      2. Like trump you are totally vague about “taking rights, blah blah and if you check history on O, the FBI and Secret Service predicted lots of racial hate when he took office. Now exacly hoiw trump will “protect” is rather vague… but for simple minds works well.. As “Certain people inciting riots” is simply code words for same ole racists.. to cowardly to admit their hate and fears… have not seen one fact that is fact checked of your and others of same ilk verified… but like gunnies celebrate mass shootings by rushing to buy up guns and ammo…now nearly a gunnie tradition, your a wee bit shy on facts, hard facts.. but not surprisingly so… and trump not building up divisions, rather obvious by who attends his beer hall meetings..

        Not telling you how to vote or calling out your preducices, but they are based on same ole thing from the feaful and their demigods… even turmpie said “fear” etc… and those living in paranoid fears, ar4e not rational…just fact check, do not have to change your mind, just educate it.

  4. Nicely said Michael! You have the box to stand on and it’s your right to rant! Thank you for not being afraid to say your heart and mind! I’ll stand with you! Some won’t like it but that’s their right too! But there’s a lot of s behind you! Keep it up and god bless you! Just a average hunting fishing Joe that votes!

    1. Not ONE person who supports Trump on this thread has made their case. Not one person has answered the FACTS: that he lies and lies, that his whole history in one of stiffing his creditors, dodging his taxes, (which he says he is proud of) that he is an accused con man (he is being sued by my state) and on and on. Sounds to me that these people are just HOPING he could be a decent president, with no proof beyond that. Like they say, there is sucker born every minute, and anyone who backs this phony just proved that.

      1. Tom boy..You have no idea about business, the workings of business. Talk about lies, Hillary is the queen of lies, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and insane…If you were educated in business you would know those that take chances to follow dreams sometimes find their attempts fail,,,but they learn from that and continue on until they get the winning combination.. AND Tom Boy, the supreme court said years ago, every American has a duty and a right to pay the least amount of taxes that he can and still comply…Trump wants a flat tax or something similar, then every body pays taxes according to how much money they spend…Do you understand that concept? I doubt it!

      2. Educated in business? I own and run a multi-million dollar business which I began in 1961. Maybe YOU are the one who has “no idea”. You should know that you sound pretty insulting, another sign of someone who has “no idea” – and no manners.

      3. If you had much business sense then you would know, as have the experts, flat tax is most regressive of any proposed. trump is not much more then snake oil salesman and his multi bankruptcy actions, if you know business, cost little guys the worse. Our bankruptcy laws, more so after 2005 amds, is acknowledges as worst in world and latest written by lawyers-accountants and passed by their employees in congress.

  5. i don’t know who this is, but being a trump supporter I’m sure hes crying that “hillary wants to take our guns…blah blah blah”. trump is a dangerous demagogue and people that vote for him are not very smart. he bankrupts companies and makes a habit of not paying his workers. hes a con artist and you are his mark!

  6. I think Hillary is one of the most dishonest creatures to walk the planet,You young people weren’t around when Billy boy was running and people around the Clintons were dropping like flies,They lie time and time again and you dumbass koolaid drinkers just keep taking it in,”We were broke when we left the White house,”I did not have sex with that woman,I didn’t know they were classified”Piece of lying trash,Trump could step on puppies and still be a better person than that Hillary!!!!!!!

  7. Political commentary from an idiot like Waddell ? Bahahahahaha That is like getting medical advice from a used car salesman, Republicans keeping stupid alive for generations : /

  8. Well said, Michael. The last thing America needs is another progressive liberal running the country deeper into the ground. It’s time for change. I’m with you and I am giving Donald Trump all of my support to defeat Hillary Clinton.

  9. Clinton and Trump actually have a lot in common. Both lie when it suits their purpose. Both have agendas that have nothing to do with the prosperity of the United States of America. Both have pockets lined with money from constituents willing to cut the heart out of the American people for profit.Both will sell out The United States of America to the highest bidder. Both will undermine the defense of this nation. Both have no right to be called President of the United States of America.
    This nation has been so blinded by picking sides that it has failed at the task of picking what is best for the country and we are now left with one horrible, inescapable truth…
    Neither of these people should be on a ballot.

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