Police officers in Howell, New Jersey, captured the moment a 6-point buck attempted to get revenge after it was hit by an SUV.

FOX 10 Phoenix reported that officer Austin spotted a deer running across the road and hurl itself at the open door of the SUV, striking the woman inside.

This buck took it upon himself to let 43-year-old Ellen Sager know that she needed to slow down. Sager later told the officer that she had just hit the deer before it came back to give her a piece of his mind.

Image is a screenshot from Fox 10 Phoenix Facebook video

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5 thoughts on “Video: 6-Point Buck Attacking Driver Captured by Police Dashcam

  1. Purely by chance…. The odds of happening are phenomenal. As are the odds of the police arriving at the perfect time to catch it on camera. The animal was mortally injured and just flailing and trying to escape. Thereby running into the side of the vehicle and then found what it instinctively responded to, a gap….. The partially open door. It was pretty easily rejected and kicked to the ground and continued to flop a bit before it died. It wasn’t an attack unless in a nervous reaction to fight when it got whacked, as in an instinctive response a a result of having serious head trauma…. A reaction, not a thought

  2. The deer was obviously distraught regarding the potential election of Donald Trump as president. He had just attended a Buck Lives Matter meeting, and when he saw the police lights, decided to attempt to steal the car to leave the scene before being shot.

  3. ha, many years ago my dad, his boss who always had a ’60 caddy and 4 co-workers were headed back east and hit a deer on the highway, (in those day with those guys drinking was common) so they loaded it in the trunk thinking it was dead, they made it to their destination, 6 guy crammed in the front seat, because the deer was none too happy when it woke up and found itself in the trunk, they had to back in the hay loft and let it out, a little after midnight so it would be legally the opening day of the season.

  4. They can get down to business when they want to. Remember the video of the guy who sprayed scent on himself and promptly got challenged to a boxing match by a angry buck?

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