Darrell Collison, of Charity, Missouri, may have already shot the biggest buck in the state this year.

Just 3 days into the bow-hunting season, Darrell has bagged himself a buck that is making waves in the hunting world. The buck was green scored at 153 typical and non-typical 220 4/8 gross and 208 1/8 net with 29 points, however, the Dallas County game warden later came up with 36 points.

The pictures of this buck will send chills down your spine, don’t believe us? Check them out:

Like we needed more motivation to go hunting anyway, but this guy makes us want to ditch the rest of our work day and go sit in a treestand.

Collison said in an interview with KOLR10 News, “I didn’t even know the buck was on the farm until two days before I shot him.” It just goes to show, you never know what could happen on any given day, and you won’t ever shoot a deer like this if you aren’t sitting in your treestand at the right time.

Images from BowDaciousOutdoorsTv Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Missouri Hunter Shoots 36-Point Buck of a Lifetime

  1. So if this was in australia i would have said it came from behind wire, I presume the game ranch scenario is just as big if not bigger in usa where you can purchase a monster of a deer, from a 5ac pen where someone has feed it and nurtured it to produce a huge rack, shoot it in the five acre pen and put your tag on it, and post photos to social media and brag what a monster you got in the wild…..
    I use to be a guide in such a pen in tasmania, australia hunting fallow deer and seen this happen dozens of times

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