Man, this guy is tough! He got mauled by a grizzly bear and survived to tell his story. Wait until you hear this.

Todd Orr, from Bozeman, Montana, took a short video after being mauled by a grizzly, and now everyone is talking about it. Todd sustained a number of injuries, but he was still able to get up, dust himself off and drive himself to the hospital.

You can see in the video that he’s in surprisingly high spirits, especially for a guy who was just a human chew toy for a bear.

We’re glad you’re okay,Todd, and by the way, you’re tough as nails!

Here is the video below:

Image from The Alaskan Life Facebook video

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7 thoughts on “Graphic Video: Man Got Mauled by Grizzly and Survived

  1. That’s why it is better to arm and prepare yourself for a Bear Attack with a Good Ole’ Trusty 45-Caliber Pistol than just using a Bear Spray; Better to save your life and end the bear’s than you being a dead-bear’s-chewtoy while making the bear live…

  2. Wow! That guy is tough. i come from AZ and spent my life in the woods hunting bears and other critters. He is the epitome of a tough guy. But please someone tell me why in the world a guy like that would be in Bear territory without a sidearm??
    You don’t even have to kill or injure the bear in most cases, just fire a round into the ground. You have the rights man carry the gun. Simple. Does anybody really believe that bear spray actually works. It is a paradox.

    1. He had a sidearm, but it got knocked off him with the initial attack by the bear. That at least was what was reported on the news in Colorado by local stations.

  3. I am sure Todd would take you back to the place if you want to volunteer to be bear bait for the body cam, or maybe it should be called dead body cam?

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