Tip of the Day: Don’t Stick Your Head Between Compound Bow Strings at Full Draw


Tip of the day: Don’t stick your head between compound bow strings when it’s at full draw… It’s hard to believe we even have to issue such a warning but hey, after that whole Tide Pods craze, you just never know.

This is what you get for passing your bow around like a party favor and trying to show off with it. Yes, we agree bows are very cool, but it’s NOT a good idea to show off with them, especially after you’ve had a few drinks.

If you listen closely, you can hear a hollow sound when the string slams this guy in the head…

Sure, pulling back all that weight proves your strength in front of the ladies, but when you stick your head in a compound bow and it slams you in the head… its time to go to bed, sir.

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