Video: Testing the CCI Big 4 Shotshell in 38 SPL/357 MAG


This past January, CCI introduced a new type of pest-control ammunition, the Big 4 38 SPL/357 MAG.

Previous ammo like this has been filled with No. 12 lead shot, but this new Big 4 38/357 is filled with No. 4s. The idea is you’ll have greater knockdown power, as well as greater penetration, on larger pests such as raccoons..357 Shotshell


Watch in the video below as YouTuber 22plinkster tests out this new ammunition in three different firearms (two handguns, one rifle) to see whether barrel length is a major factor in performance at varying distances.

.357 Shotshell

You might be surprised to see which of these three guns performs best with this new ammo. Check it out below!

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