This Wind Guide Tool is Very Helpful for Hunters


If you’re heading out into the woods in the near future, you have to use this helpful wind guide tool first. gives you a very unique, and up-to-date visual of current weather conditions including temperature, cloud cover – and most importantly to hunters – the direction in which the wind is blowing.

This weather tool could be very useful for hunters; as you all know, wind direction is a vital element in a successful hunt. If your current hunting situation allows for it, you should always account for wind direction when planning your chase.

You can choose between different filters to track specific weather
Wind Guide Tool
In this image you can see the strength of hurricane Matthew

Ideally, you should plan on having more than one hunting location setup for when the wind shifts. And this little tool will help you determine which of those will be your best option on any given day.

Ventusky works great on mobile devices, too, so you can always check your wind when you’re in your treestand.


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