Video: Family Fishes from Front Porch in Wake of Hurricane Matthew Aftermath


In the wake of hurricane Matthew, thousands of people are still dealing with the storm’s aftermath.

Power outages and flood waters are just a couple of the looming after-effects of the recent storm. In this video, the Jinnette family in Windsor, North Carolina, is pretty much stranded in their home because of flood waters. It’s not exactly the waterfront property of your dreams.

The old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this case, when life gives you water, go fishing. Lindsay Jinnette took this video of her husband fishing off their front porch, and he caught a decent-size catfish on the front lawn. That will make for a nice fried catfish dinner.

Lindsay Jinnette told WITN, “This craziness gave us something to laugh about in this very bad time, I hope it will do the same for others!”

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