Wildlife Center Irresponsibly Putting Bears at Risk


Jim and Susan Kowalczik run a center for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. Their center is home to a Kodiak bear they’ve named Jimmy, a massive 9-foot, 1,400-pound bruin that the couple has taken care of since he was a cub.

While this video clip might look cute and fun, Jim and Susan are putting the 11 bears they house at risk. Judging by how close and personal they are with the bears, it would take only one deadly incident to put the kibosh on this wildlife center.

Very simply, putting yourself in a situation where a bear could tear you to shreds is dangerous and irresponsible.

Consider this: Jimmy is a wild animal, regardless of the fact that he’s spent his entire life in captivity and has a name. A mature bear could turn on Jim in a split-second, without any warning. If Jim were to be fatally injured, Jimmy the bear would automatically be killed for its violent behavior.

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