Deer Survives 40-Foot Fall from Bridge and then Through Roof


Not only are whitetails the No. 1 big-game animal in North America, they might be the toughest, too.

Consider this: In western Pennsylvania, a whitetail jumped off a bridge during the night, probably to avoid oncoming vehicles, and fell 40 feet through the air. But the 6-point buck didn’t hit the ground, at least not immediately. Instead, he landed on the roof of a municipal garage. But the young buck didn’t just land on the roof. Instead, he crashed through it, finally landing on a concrete floor.

When the buck was found inside the garage the following morning, he ran out through an opened door and then back into a nearby forest. Evidently, the roof broke the buck’s fall, but not the buck’s neck. Check out the video below for a view of the scene from the bridge. Amazing!

Imagine the surprise – and confusion – on a hunter’s face if he or she shoots the buck this fall and then discovers shingle pieces embedded in the animal’s hide.

And you thought only cats had nine lives.


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