Unbelievable Video: Goose Hunter Knocks Down Goose With Gun Barrel


Don’t let low-flying geese get away anymore. This is how you lay the smack down on those dive-bombers that fly a little too close for comfort.

Professional waterfowl guide Denny Pitman was hunting with a group of guys when a large flock of geese swarmed from above. Shots were being fired off left and right. Suddenly, one goose pushed its boundaries a little too far. The goose flew directly at Denny, and because there were people and a dog close by, he couldn’t shoot. Denny did the next best thing he could. He stood up and gave the goose a big whack with his shotgun barrel.

There’s more than one way to skin a buck, right? Well, in the same sense, there’s certainly more than one way to kill a goose. Good swinging, Denny!

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