Don’t let low-flying geese get away anymore. This is how you lay the smack down on those dive-bombers that fly a little too close for comfort.

Professional waterfowl guide Denny Pitman was hunting with a group of guys when a large flock of geese swarmed from above. Shots were being fired off left and right. Suddenly, one goose pushed its boundaries a little too far. The goose flew directly at Denny, and because there were people and a dog close by, he couldn’t shoot. Denny did the next best thing he could. He stood up and gave the goose a big whack with his shotgun barrel.

There’s more than one way to skin a buck, right? Well, in the same sense, there’s certainly more than one way to kill a goose. Good swinging, Denny!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Unbelievable Video: Goose Hunter Knocks Down Goose With Gun Barrel

  1. Outdoorhub, you continue to put some of the most ridiculous stuff on your site!.They didn’t shoot because the guide probably told them not too or out of shells. But to whack a bird with a shotgun barrel in a blind is about as dangerous as it can get…Doesn’t take much to knock that gun out of his hand or it fires off into someone’s head!….What a bunch of morons..Sometimes I wonder if your writers and editors even HUNT..For young hunters to see this and copycat is terrible. I question the legally of even doing something like that. What he did was cripple the bird intentually. Definitely not ethical waterfowling…Why keep giving the anti hunters more fuel.

  2. Is the editor over 21 yrs old? Some of the videos you publish are sophomoric and doesn’t exhibit any socially redeeming value in representing the sport in which you are trying to cover.

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