Video: Hunter Saves Two Bucks with Locked Antlers


We see deer fight all the time (at least on YouTube and social media!), and this isn’t the first time we’ve see two bucks locked together after a little brawling.

In this video from Mojo TV, two live bucks are found with their racks locked after getting in a pushing match. Luckily for those two deer, this guy was willing to lend a helping hand.

It takes a few tries for him to get the antlers free, but he is eventually successful. Neither buck hesitates for a second after the racks come apart, and they take off in different directions. We’ve seen this situation before, where it didn’t end so great for one of the deer, but fortunately both bucks in this video escape unharmed.

(Important note: Attempting to free two locked bucks is very dangerous. Be careful out there!)

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