Something is Killing Thousands of Little Wrinkly Scrotum Frogs in Lake Titicaca


Something is killing thousands of little wrinkly frogs, called scrotum frogs, in Lake Titicaca, in Peru.

Approximately 10,000 frogs were mysteriously discovered floating belly up by members of the Committee Against the Pollution of the Coata River. The Coata River flows into Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia.

Sometimes referred to as the Titicaca water frog, the scrotum frog is only found in and around Lake Titicaca. This particular species of frog is considered “critically endangered” by the IUCN Red List.

They received the nickname “Titicaca scrotum frog” from the folds on their skin. They’re a goofy looking frog that looks like their skin is too big for their little bodies, but it’s actually a highly specialized adaptation. This frog has the ability to remove oxygen from water through its skin, so the folds increase surface area, allowing for more oxygen being pulled from the water. A nifty little trick these guys have developed!

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