Two Hunters Had What They Believe Was a Possible Bigfoot Encounter


Two outdoorsmen in Michigan think they heard Bigfoot roar.

According to MLive, the two men were on a small-game hunting trip near the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail. They claim to have heard footsteps around 2 a.m. and what they describe as the “most loud, freakish, inhuman yell/scream/roar” shouted at them before something took off fast crashing through the woods.

It sounds like what they encountered was a cougar. There have been 35 confirmed cougar reports in the Upper Peninsula, but we haven’t heard of any confirmed cougar reports in the Lower Peninsula.

One of the men claims he is “no stranger to the woods and wildlife.” He went on saying, “I have experienced a lot of nature and different animals and sounds that are part of our natural habitat in Michigan. This is unlike anything either of us have heard.”

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