Two outdoorsmen in Michigan think they heard Bigfoot roar.

According to MLive, the two men were on a small-game hunting trip near the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail. They claim to have heard footsteps around 2 a.m. and what they describe as the “most loud, freakish, inhuman yell/scream/roar” shouted at them before something took off fast crashing through the woods.

It sounds like what they encountered was a cougar. There have been 35 confirmed cougar reports in the Upper Peninsula, but we haven’t heard of any confirmed cougar reports in the Lower Peninsula.

One of the men claims he is “no stranger to the woods and wildlife.” He went on saying, “I have experienced a lot of nature and different animals and sounds that are part of our natural habitat in Michigan. This is unlike anything either of us have heard.”

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6 thoughts on “Two Hunters Had What They Believe Was a Possible Bigfoot Encounter

  1. Too easy to sit at your keyboard and surmise that it had to be a cougar, especially in annonimity. There are far more reports of sasquatch in Michigan than cougars, and what is confirmed to you? It better be pictures only…multiple person sightings of a cougar cant count if you dismiss multiple person sightings of the forest people. Cougars abound in my home state of Washington, and i have heard them scream and i have put my tag on them. I have also heard the big fella scream up close and farther away and there is no mistaking the two. I am certainly not concerned about close minded people who fail to research all the reports from upstanding men and women. I do not think badly of this writer for assuming it to be a cougar, logical of course, and most importantly not done in ridicule. I cant unsee or unhear what i have experienced, and i admire them for coming forward despite the certainty of mocking that has and will follow them, like Steve here below me.

  2. In central MN, surrounded by farms is a vast River/swamp system that delivers hundreds of square miles to the Mississippi River. Our hunting land is next to a state forest that is in this huge watershed. We are on a feeder River to the bigger rivers. At the north end of our property we have a swamp that is about 100 acres that borders the river. It was also managed for the last 90 years for wildlife, by a ND ranger before our group. It is very wild in this particular area. I’ve seen Canada, MN boundary waters, Everglades, etc. This small area that is connected to a very large area, is all of that wild. I traditionally bear hunt this area, and one year while traversing the swamp, as I approached the hardwoods I heard a scream/roar that was very close to me. It scared tha crap out of me! I’ve never heard anything like that in all of my years (45 or so at the time). I’ve heard wolves up close. I’ve seen and heard Cougars up close too. This was nothing like those. I used to live near the Crandon Park Zoo that was on Key Biscayne. At night you could hear the lions roar and bark and it was nothing like this. I’ve not heard this before or since. But I’ll never forget it. It was not the sound of a small animal.

  3. Cougars are a bunch of times heard making noise in the woods but sometimes it is a bigfoot and not a cougar because you can clearly hear the difference. For one a cougar sounds like a big cat and for two a bigfoot sounds like a giant man ape

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