High Tower Armory announced on Facebook they will be releasing a new bullpup conversion kit for the Hi-Point carbine.

This might be the equivalent to slapping some lipstick on a pig, however, this new conversion kit does feature some intriguing upgrades.

The charging handle will be mounted forward of the grip, which is a big upgrade from the original Hi-Point Carbine, making it much easier and comfortable to shoot. The safety is a disc-style under the trigger and the magazine release is mounted above the trigger. It looks like this gun will comfortably suit both left and right handed shooters.

High Tower Armory Bullpup Conversion Kit for Hi-Point 995

Image from High Tower Armory Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Update: High Tower Armory Announces New Bullpup Conversion Kit for Hi-Point Carbine

  1. Your dig at the High Point is ridiculous. These carbines are as reliable as the expensive ones your advertisers sell and for 1/3 to 1/2 the price.

  2. The Pictured one above must be for the 9mm ! If you price them too High NOBODY WILL BUY THEM. They are an inexpensive gun to start with and adding another $300 dollar’s wont do at all….

    1. Yeah but any time you upgrade this type of firearm you also increased the value. Kinda like upgrading your home or vehicle.

  3. I LOVE pulling out an inexpensive, American made 9mm and destroying things with $.15/rd ammo 200 yards away.
    Y’all so funny!
    Picture this for a HEADLINE….lol
    “Gun Snobs Go To Hell!!!

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