The NFL continues to crack down on players for being excited after making a big play.

The league recently stated that players will begin receiving fines for doing the old bow-and-arrow celebration. The NFL deemed the gesture a “violent act.”

Really? So in the same context, is playing the air guitar really making music? Guess we don’t need to ask the commissioner how he feels about hunting. And who knows, maybe he’ll soon decide that Brian Robison’s hook set is too violent when he does his fishing-themed “sack dance.”

There are two players most known for pulling off this gesture, New Orleans wide receiver Brandin Cooks, and Washington cornerback Josh Norman. Cooks has already spoke out: “They’re not going to stop me,” claiming that his famous celebration has to do with a Bible verse he’s read that has stuck with him for a long time.

Image is a screenshot from the NFL Twitter video

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12 thoughts on “NFL Deems Bow-and-Arrow Celebration a “Violent Act”

  1. Has the whole world gone crazy? Really we aren’t smart enough any more that we can’t distinguish between an actual violent attack and a man pretending to shoot an arrow into the air. Does this mean Cupid will be put on the 10 most wanted list for shooting his bow and arrow.
    Can people no longer think for themselves? Look at the “violent” cartoons we grew up on. We watched shows about Cowboys and Indians.
    We didn’t go out and murder our friends, families and fellow students.
    We have taken away every opportunity for children to learn these skills while growing up. We teach them to be intolerant and supervise every aspect of their lives for them. They have no idea what a calculated risk is or risk management for that matter. We learned these things with small simple situations where we had to make a choice and by God we dealt with the consequences that resulted from that choice.
    And when I hear people complain about the kids today (and not ALL kids)
    I ask that adult and who do you think is responsible for the way these children behave and why they are unable to function on their own? Usually they don’t have an answer and they are not crazy about the answer I give them. Because it is our fault! We the parents and grandparents are responsible.
    We give them to much, and don’t give them enough responsibilities.
    We have only ourselves to blame.
    Wake up people we can do better. It’s no wonder so many of them are still living at home well into their 30’s.

      1. Exactly why I have quit watching the NFL. They will continue their stupidity and political correctness assault until their ratings completely plummet . The sooner the better.

    1. Amen! This national disgrace needs to be stopped. Good Americans are being mocked and ridiculed. While those that bring these nonsensical ideas are being celebrated. The heart of the matter is the heart. Our nation desperately needs a real awakening.

  2. Does the commissioner not realize that football itself is violent? No where else in society can you tackle someone to get what you are after. Shouldn’t the NFL then fine the commissioner for anytime a player is injured due to the violence of the sport for which he is responsible?
    This world is becoming stupid. We are always in fear of offending someone. In which case I am offended by those who are easily offended, so please shut up!

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