Video: For Prairie Firearms, Bullet Farming is a Way of Life


Meet Nick Moe, part-time bullet farmer, part-time bullet manufacturer. He treats his bullets with the care of a real farmer tending to his crops.

For those of us that participate in high-volume pistol shooting, we know the value of finding a high-quality cast lead bullet. The primary reason is when you go to the range and shoot 500-1,000 rounds, the ammo cost can start putting a hurt on the old piggy bank.

So you might ask yourself: “How are lead bullets made? What is the best way to coat lead bullets? What alloy works best for high-volume pistol shooting?”

That’s where Nick Moe, owner of North Dakota based, Prairie Firearms, Inc., comes in.

Prairie Firearms develops a product that gives the standard hard cast lead projectile with a wax-based lubricant a run for its money. Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets use a liquid-based coating that acts as your lubricant and sticks to the bullet, even after shot through a rifled barrel. Hi-Tek Supercoat eliminates lead fouling and protects your barrel, which is a big plus for high-volume shooters!

Advertised as the cleanest bullets on the market, check out Prairie Firearms for more details and information to try some out for yourself.

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