Innovative Way to Haul Out a Deer Via Kayak


Here’s an innovative way to haul out a deer when accessing hard-to-reach public land via kayak.

Shane Simpson, Founder and CEO of Calling All Turkeys, shows in a post on Facebook, he uses his head as much more than just a hat rack.

Sometimes, the only way to access a good piece of public hunting land is by water. And if you end up being successful on that hunt, you can’t necessarily set a full-sized deer on your lap while paddling a kayak.

Well, as you’ll see in the photo below, Shane has the perfect solution. Simply strap a life vest on your deer and set sail.

Hunting public land can be an unruly beast. But you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and that’s exactly what Shane’s done. So far, he’s pulled some great looking deer from this spot, but if they get much bigger, he’s going to need a bigger boat.

This big guy could easily sink a kayak; hopefully Shane has a backup plan in case he bags this big fella!

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