Perfectly Symmetrical Buck Crushes State Record


Earl Stubblefield of Oxford, Mississippi ,shot a buck that crushes the previous state record.

When this big buck walked under Earl’s stand, it was no shock to him because he’d been watching this deer grow, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

“I have known of the deer for 3 years,” Stubblefield said. “When I saw the pictures of him (the first 2 years), he was a 10-point each year.”

In preparation for the season, Stubblefield began scouting the area and putting up trail cameras. Wouldn’t you know it, the buck came right in and posed right in front of his trail cam on the edge of a bean field. That’s when Stubblefield first realized that the buck had grown into a 12-pointer, with six long tines on each side.

On October 8, Earl was out hunting when the buck walked right underneath the treestand, and he smoked him at 27 yards, with the buck quartering away.

After Earl started putting a measuring tape to the antlers, he started to realize the enormous size of the buck’s rack.

Certified scorer Ronnie Cannon of Oxford confirmed the numbers. The monster buck grossed over 180 inches and netted 179 inches. It bested the state record by over 5 inches. “The symmetry of the rack is exceptional,” Cannon said.

To be officially confirmed as the new state record, the antlers must go through a 60-day drying period. Cannon predicts that the shrinkage will be minimal because the antlers are hard: “It’s going to be the state record.”

One heck of a deer; congratulations Earl!

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