Video: Pumpkin ‘Carving’ Hickok45 Style


Not only is Hickok45 an outstanding ambassador for the shooting industry, but he’s just plain fun to watch on his YouTube channel. (After meeting him a few times at the annual SHOT Show, we can report that he’s a kind and humble man, too.)

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween weekend, and as a shout-out to Throwback Thursday, we are happy to share a Hickok45 classic: Pumpkin ‘carving’ (more like extermination) thanks to a 12-gauge side-by-side loaded with two Brenneke slugs.

Check out the recoil when Hickok45 fires both slugs simultaneously. He obviously knows how to shoot, takes a strong stance, and is braced for recoil, yet his left hand still comes off the shotgun.

Scary . . . even for Halloween!

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