Believe it or not, this 300-meter rifle range in Brunnlisau, Switzerland, shoots directly across a busy MAIN ROAD.

Imagine driving down the road when suddenly you start hearing gun fire and realize you’re directly downrange. This is certainly one of a kind.

We know what you’re thinking: How can this be even remotely safe? Well, it probably isn’t, but there is a wall that shooters have to shoot over, and that is supposed to keep bullets from flying into oncoming traffic, let’s just hope it’s effective.

Even though the shooters that go to this range are probably experienced, we would recommend you find a detour that isn’t directly downrange.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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7 thoughts on “Video: Rifle Range that Shoots Over a Busy Main Road!

  1. Perfectly fine. No danger to motorists. They take their rifle marksmanship very seriously. And it looks like they can only shoot from the prone.

  2. Why the garbage, there is zero risk, please be a real journalist and investigate this properly, show me a single instance where a car has been hit by a stray bullet on this range, considering thousands of shooters use it, each shooter will be firing 60 rounds, crunch that over a decade… probably 3 million projectiles have gone down range here… Not a single incident..

  3. Lmao, first off, 300 meters, you won’t be hearing it…second, there isn’t a vehicle that high up where it poses any danger.

  4. I don’t recall seeing or reading where these guys said how dangerous range was. Why do you fools read into it that way?

  5. Considering that you can’t control the bullet’s path once it leaves the barrel, this would be a very bad idea in my professional opinion.

    The video should have been shot FROM THE SHOOTING POSITION, to be fairer, but it is still folly to have anyone downrange from a SHOOTING POSITION AT A TARGET RANGE.

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