A shocking verdict has come in the 6-week trial of Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and the five other anti-government protesters, who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon last winter.

The shocking and tense story that gripped our nation last winter, and shined a spotlight on federal land management in the West, has come to a surprise ending.

The seven defendants were found “not guilty” of charges for the 41-day, armed takeover of Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The court’s decision could potentially “have huge implications on the militia movement as well as the federal government’s control of millions of acres of public lands in the West,” NPR’s Kirk Siegler reports.

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8 thoughts on “6-Week Trial of Bundy Brothers Ends with Shocking Verdict

  1. The BLM (a bunch of “Trigger-Happy” Hoodlums) should be Abolished, and Control of Federal Lands should be turned over to the States where the Federal Lands are located … something that should have been done when the Territories became States.

      1. The issue that should scare the daylights out of the public is not peaceful
        protestors whether they carry weapons or not, which is their constitutional
        right as long as they are legal. It is the fact that the news media and certain
        organizations that are comprised of government employees are advocating laws to
        prevent protestors from occupying or parading in opposition to government
        tyranny. That should scare everyone including liberals. Most media outlets have
        expressed alarm in light of the fact that the acquittal will result in further
        demonstrations. Hopefully it will, because when that right no longer exists and
        people are too afraid to speak out against tyranny, it is too late for our
        culture to survive.

        Remember the
        Boston Tea Party if it is still in your history books, it may no longer be
        allowed in current curriculum!

        George C.


        Yep, it’s in there, US Constitution. Apparently no one in government has actually read it.

    1. I so agree David!

      48 Hours exposed a “racket” where herds of mustangs on BLM land were being sent to slaughterhouses instead of horse rescue / adoption. They’re (BLM) a terrible embarrassment to the nation…

  2. They are an oxymoron in themselves. They allow things they shouldn’t, disallow that which should be every citizen’s right (to enjoy public lands and leave them the way they found them, or cleaner), and they allow Horse Rescuers which are actually thinly disguised horse trailers to a slaughterhouse. Dissolve the BLM, and let the states enforce the law on Public Lands and administrate the use. Less government equals better government.

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