While sitting in your treestand in the dark as the forest wakes up around you, you’re likely to hear some strange sounds. However, if you ever hear this sound in the dark, the hair on the back of your neck is guaranteed to stand straight up.

After seeing this video, I’m very happy to say I’ve never heard a bobcat scream like this in the woods. Any sound like this coming from below me in the dark is liable to have me jump from my stand and hit the ground running.

Where does this rank on your list of creepiest sounds you’ve heard in the woods?

Image from Kim Bryant Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Video: This Is an Eerie Sound You Don’t Want to Hear in Your Treestand

  1. What “eerie ” sound ? There isn’t much difference between a bobcat’s challenge call or mating calls and an ordinary house cat . Scary sounds …. try the sound of a bear gnashing his teeth when it is really angry .

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