You know what they say, big fish like big baits, but it looks like this flathead catfish bit off more than it can chew.

In this video, a flathead catfish has apparently mistaken the size of its prey, attempting to swallow a blue catfish that’s nearly the same size.

Flatheads are the second-largest North American catfish behind the blue catfish, which adds to the irony of this video. They prefer large live bait such as river herring, sunfish, suckers, carp, drum and bullheads. Like most fish, they’re cannibalistic, so small flatheads need to avoid their big brothers and sisters.

These big catfish are a blast to catch because of their size and power. For more information on a guided catfish trip, visit Glenn Flowers Guide Service.

Image from GlennFlowersGuides Facebook

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One thought on “Video: Flathead Catfish Bites Off More Than It Can Chew

  1. I once saw a watersnake with a similar problem , it had a catfish partly swallowed with the cat’s barbs poked through a couple of inches behind the head . It was a truly macabre mutual death dance.

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