Never fear, Super Duck is here! In this crazy video, a hawk dive bombs a chicken out of nowhere, thinking it was easy prey. However, that was not the case.

You see, this hawk chose the wrong farm to try and steal an easy meal. This particular farm is patrolled by a certain duck that doesn’t put up with thieves. The hawk dive bombs a chicken like a flash of lightning and jumps on top to finish it off. But then, suddenly, Super Duck comes to the rescue. Just in the nick of time, the duck heroically scares off the hawk and saves the day.

The chicken is forever grateful, and the farm is safe again, all thanks to Super Duck.

Image is a screenshot from gfycat video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Super Duck Rescues Chicken from Dive-Bombing Hawk

    1. I love animals! We have several ducks and geese as well as chickens and dogs.

      But I hunt. I like fresh killed meat over store-bought. No GMOs, no additives, no preservatives, the meat tastes better and it’s better for you than store-bought.

      “Even a bug wants to live.”
      Yeah, well, so do murderers. Some bugs are good, I like spiders and try to keep them alive but pest insects need killing. They can be extremely harmful to health and property.

  1. Looks like a Muscovy duck , love those little guys they are great yard ducks. That is the very reason our
    ancestors raised them they help protect the other birds you raise. My animals are my friends too I don’t eat them
    that is gross to eat the little animals that love you Warriorpitbull.

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