Yes, deer season has just begun throughout much of the country, but even so, we think we’ve found the funniest deer camp video of 2016.

Do you hate being asked if you “caught anything” while hunting? It’s happened to all of us. You walk in public dressed in full camouflage and someone asks, “Did ya catch anything?”

It’s the moment that non-hunters give it their best shot, God love them, but what do you do in that situation? Do you let it go? Offer a sarcastic comment to correct them? Now, you can simply sigh and slap a Catchin’ Deers hat on their head.

Catchin’ Deers was born to help fight against the phenomenon of this terrible terminology.

Watch their hilarious Facebook commercial below for a great laugh, and visit Catchin’ Deers to support the end of this horrendous phrase.

Spoiler alert! Watch close at the beginning of the video for the guy trying to take a leak outside the deer shack. Classic!

Image from Catchin' Deers Facebook video

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One thought on “Funniest Deer Camp Video of 2016

  1. Okay, I watched that twice and laughed more the second time. The guy sure sounds like he has a Canadian or maybe Minnesota accent. But no matter where they’re from . . . it’s ‘da bomb!

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