Hunter Helps Young Buck Hung Up on Fence


This young button buck got a little hung up on a fence, and a hunter stopped to help him out.

The button buck’s back leg was caught up high on a fence when the hunter found him, and the deer couldn’t go anywhere. As the hunter approached, the buck panicked but still didn’t budge.

Deer are always jumping over fences, even tall ones, and sometimes things go horribly wrong. Fortunately for this buck, however, a hunter was there to give him a hand. It takes a little bit of heavy lifting, but the hunter is eventually able to free the deer’s leg from the fence. (Viewing tip: Fast-forward to about the 2:40 mark to get to the action.)

Saving animals in sticky situations like this one benefits not only the critter, but it helps non-hunters who see such stories understand that we hunters truly love wildlife. Of course, wild animals must be approached with caution, and a whitetail, even a young buck like this one, can still be dangerous due to its hooves, so you always must proceed with caution.

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