Taxidermy Tip: Store Game Properly Before Bringing It to Your Taxidermist


Here are a few things NOT to do when bringing your game birds to your taxidermist.

Mounting waterfowl is a cool way to show off your trophies and cherish a hunting memory. Bird mounts look awesome above a bar, or in your man cave! However, it’s extremely important that you preserve your game properly so you don’t ruin it.

Shane Smith’s Waterfowl Taxidermy and Wingshooting offers some tips on its Facebook page on what NOT to do when storing your birds before bringing them to your taxidermist. These will help keep your birds in better shape, and help keep your taxidermist from pulling his hair out.

Below are a few examples of “Taxidermy No-Nos” that you should avoid:

Avoid using checkered vacuum sealed bags, pantyhose, and newspaper. All of these will hurt your birds feathers, compromising the appearance of your mount.

This is an example of how you SHOULD bring your game to your taxidermist:

A simple 2-gallon Ziploc or resealable plastic bag with the head over it’s back or under the wing will help preserve your bird longer, and you will be happier with your taxidermy job.

Visit Shane Smith’s Waterfowl Taxidermy on Facebook to see some of their great work. All of the birds above were all salvageable, however poses are limited if game is stored incorrectly.

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