In the mood for a little rock and roll? Take a listen as Ted Nugent opens for Donald Trump playing an Uncle Ted rendition of the national anthem in Nugent’s home state of Michigan.

Who doesn’t love a little shredding guitar? Especially when it’s (fill in your favorite Ted Nugent nickname here) playing the national anthem on a PRS guitar.

The famed NRA member and big-time hunter opened for a Donald Trump rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Nugent had a few words to say before he played a small set, including a deer camp favorite, “Fred Bear.”

Ted talked a little hunting, played a few songs, and capped it all off by playing his electric rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” If you enjoyed his electric national anthem and want a little extra dose of the Motor City mad man, check out the video below, too:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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10 thoughts on “Video: Ted Nugent Plays National Anthem at Trump Rally; Also Talks a Little Deer Hunting

    1. was IS AN IMPORTANT WORD.. And the vietnam war was started by a criminal Staged False Flag attack that MacNamara admits NEVER HAPPENED. JFK was pulling us out of this STUPID WAR Then he got MURDERED by the WarMongers… God Bless Ted Nugent

    2. Do you believe everything you read on the internet? Lies, lies and more lies by hateful people will not change the truth about this good man. The Outdoorhub does well to ignore the drivel of ignorant and easily led people and run stories like this.

    3. I went to a Ted Nugent concert in the late ’70’s, and i had a backstage pass. After the concert i went back there and there was Ted…with people partying all around him and you know what he was doing? Shooting baskets on a hoop set up for him. I talked to him for 5 minutes and he was clean and sober. His road verified his no drug, no drink lifestyle. Calling him a dopehead is inaccurate in every respect.

  1. I consider this man a loud-mouthed jackass who has represented the hunting community extremely poorly and has turned countless people who were on the fence regarding hunting against us. I am proud of being a life-long hunter and am ashamed that so many hunters seem to like him. I guess some people like shoot-from-the-hip frauds like him and trump.

    1. Nonsense. While not everyone’s cup of tea, Ted Nugent reaches MILLIONS of people who enjoy his humor and energy, not to mention his positive, truthful and undeniable facts regarding the hunting conservationist. He never misses an opportunity to talk about our (hunters) wildly successful place in conservation and responsible wildlife management.

      I dont know how many days you have spent talking to the public tom warner, but I logged 17 full days of it alone in September. I talk to 1000’s of non-hunters every year about this very thing. Trust me, Ted Nugent is an asset.

      1. That of course is your opinion, which you are entitled to. Then why do so MANY of my sportsman friends agree with me? Including most of my 20 member hunting club. I would point out that they are “the public” too. Whatever,…I won’t change your made-up mind.

      2. I have arrived at my “opinion” after 1000’s of hours of public outreach over the years. I speak from on the ground, face to face experience. After well over 20 years of this my “opinion” is more fact than opinion.

        Besides, the public is not dumb or shallow enough to allow a single person to give them a bad opinion about all hunters and hunting. But, in the absence of anyone educating them, the public can be (and is) led astray by the lies, misrepresentations and half-truths spread by anti-hunters who are more dedicated to ending hunting than most hunters are to preserving it.

        If you and your club don’t like Ted’s approach or message, get out of your clubhouse and go make a difference – Stop talking about how other hunters suck and preaching to the choir. Please, take it right to the public with a positive, truthful, fun message and make a real difference.

        If hunters whining about other hunters was the path to securing our outdoor future we would have won that battle long ago.

  2. Godbless Ted Nugent for supporting and promoting hunting and the hunting conservationist at every opportunity he gets! Thanks, Ted!

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