Hunter Impaled by Elk Antler While Dragging it Back to Camp


An elk hunter in Bend, Oregon, was impaled by the antler of an elk as he dragged it back to camp behind an ATV.

According to The Oregonian, Crook County law enforcement and medics from Crook County Fire and Rescue received calls of an injured hunter in the Maury Mountains. The hunter was involved in an ATV rollover, and was impaled in the back by one of the antlers on the elk he had been packing out.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, he found Gary Heeter, 69, was conscious and communicating, but appeared to be going into shock.

Heeter had to be flown by Life Flight helicopter to St. Charles Bend, and judging by the KTVZ News 21 article, it sounds like there was quite a bit of drama involved in getting the chopper landed in the rough terrain where the accident occurred.

Once medics were able to get to Heeter, he was placed on a back board, then carried to the waiting helicopter and flown to a hospital in Bend.

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