Hunters and gun owners alike woke up this morning and were able to breathe a sigh of relief when they found out Donald Trump won the Presidency.

So what does a Donald Trump presidency mean for hunters? Well, OutdoorHub recently published a handful of articles that spell out exactly what to watch for.

A couple of real big concerns in this election were, the handling of the Supreme Court and defending our Second Amendment Rights. With Trump behind the wheel, we can rest assured that our right to bear arms is safe and sound.

The only thing we do have to watch out for, is transferring federal lands to the states. Sure, it sounds reasonable, but in reality, it’s just a backdoor attempt at allowing more resource extraction from our public lands.

When you break it all down, and it’s a lot to digest, it appears (at least for now) that this was a big win for hunters. If you compare Donald’s America vs Hillary’s America, it can be a little scary for both sides, but at least with Trump, we don’t have to worry about someone showing up at our doors looking to take away our deer rifles.

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42 thoughts on “What a Donald Trump Presidency Means for Hunters and Shooters

  1. not in cal they just passed prop 63 the ammo ban and mag ban . you can only buy one box of ammo with a background check starting up in jan of 2017. one box per month with a background check . one time fee of $ 50.00 bucks per four years . each time you go in to buy a box they have to do a background check on you .
    then there is the mag ban for your rifle it can not hold no more then 10 rounds in the mag . i guess the sheep people think that the mag is going to run around and do something very evil /
    if everyone has the time look it up on google and get ready to cry it will becoming to your state very soon if the sheep people have its way .
    also i think the dept of fish and game will kick in the no lead ammo ban for the whole state of cal in 2017 . but i will have to look that up on the regs on the dept of fish and game of the state of cal …………. this state has to change for the better then it is as of now …. when they lose all the money from hunting they lose all the life of the state wildlife to housing and cement !

    1. The state of California also voted Hillary but you do now have legal pot so I guess it is sort of a trade off. Also as far as the ammo ban maybe look into reloading

    2. Or leave Cali before they secede and go back to being part of Mexico and thus 3rd world. I would enjoy watching them go completely bankrupt! Stupid Liberals in that state are ridiculous! I could never live there..

      1. I’m not certain that Mexico wants to put up with some of the folks who inhabit California. I certainly don’t!

    3. I wonder what this will do for ammo sales in neighboring states? Seems to me the simple solution is to run across the state line.

  2. I think all gun control laws should be repealed, not only because all gun control laws are a clear-cut violation of the 2nd Amendment, but it really is because I grew up in a liberal, extreme anti-gun family. Is Donald Trump good for hunters? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because Trump is pro-2nd Amendment. No, because at the same time Trump denies there is a serious problem of climate change. If climate change is not brought under control, most likely there will only be whitetail deer and coyotes to hunt, if there are any remaining wildlife species at all. Forget about hunting musk ox, polar bear, and caribou! Also kiss sport fishing and commercial fishing goodbye. That is why there are many serious environmental issues, that both hunters and anti-hunters should put aside their differences and under a truce work together. Oops! I just realized you cannot reason with anti-hunters and animal rights activists!

  3. Yeah, certainly take up reloading. I have not bought any commercial ammo, except .22’s, in many years for my many firearms.
    As for trump, he told so many proven lies over his campaign that I feel that we can never trust him,..or for that matter ANY politician! They seem to be all cut from the same cloth. Pretty discouraging. They will all break any promises made in a split second if it will benefit them personally. I agree with Harry. Trump seems to be ignorant or just plain wrong on too many issues to make me like him.

    1. I’ve been reloading my own ammo for rifle, pistol and shotgun since 1969. It’s one of the most useful skills, right after marksmanship, that a gun owner can acquire. The money I’ve saved by reloading my own ammo has paid for the reloading equipment I use many, many times over.

    2. Fully agree, but most never fact checked so for next few years will have to live with it. CA is always extreme, but is also ahead of the rest of states on about any item. Strongly suggest that the extreme gun right start to look at reasonable compromises on guns, sane gun laws. Public is starting to get tired of the guns and irrational support of any gun for anyone, regardless of who is Pres or what. NRA the “no compromise” bunch is slowly losing on the “no compromise” as that is not what the nation is about. We can only hope sane gun owners get together and pass some sane gun laws, as for now the few that closed the no background check on some sales, seems to be growing, and most agree with that law.
      But about hand loading, been doing it for decades, mostly to get most accurate, but fast or heavy loads. well remember when friend got 25-06 (wild cat then) and we could not get hits on paper at 50 yards, pulled all the way down to 10yds and found shrapnel as had way overloaded for twist.. backed off on loads and finally tuned it in, shot great. Still enjoy the hand loads. Still hand load for wheel-guns and 375h&h/22-250/sharps 45/100, but ultimate “hand load” is a few of my traditional flint and percussion guns, front feeders, the original hand loaders.. note that costs for all way up there, someone making big profits…

    3. Most of us are thankful to Trump’s opponent because he looked pretty good in comparison to her. Her credibility and integrity record left a lot to be desired. That obviously didn’t concern progressives, democrats or socialists.

  4. This excerpt from a statement released yesterday by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers:
    “When it came to hunters’ rights and federal land sales, Donald Trump didn’t waffle, stating that a USFWS director appointed by him would ‘ideally be a hunter’ and under his watch there would be no sale of public Western lands.”
    So, we’ll just have to see what happens and maintain a vigilance with our Legislators, as always.

  5. We will get the rul;es the lobbyists will buy, but 80-90% of public favors background checks on all buys.. and yet congress on the take from lobby money, ignores the will of the people.. background check on ammo seems good idea, as it will cut off dangers from those that should not have a gun. The one question never asked about gangs, bad guys etc nor very hardly pursued is where and how do they get the many guns they now have…and no, “Black market” is not a responsible reply as where do those folks get the guns…So as goes with lack of background checks despite people desire for them, we must worry at what will get passed, by the lobby money, not citizens concern. By the way would someone in detail, explain the myth that “they will end 2nd and come to take your guns”, need a bit of facts there as weary of that paranoid propaganda.

    1. 80-90%? That depends on whose ‘polls’ you choose to believe. Pollsters manipulate questions and cherry-pick their target audiences in order to achieve a desired results. Where do bad guys get guns? For the most part, they STEAL them or get friends or relatives who don’t have criminal records to buy them for them, aka, “straw man purchases”, which are already illegal. And, as for the ‘myth’ that “they will end 2nd and come to take your guns”, explain to us, if you can, why the anti-gun hardcore left keeps pushing legislation that would eventually do exactly that? Think of the extreme left in this country as being like rust and cancer; just as corrosive, just a deadly, and they NEVER sleep. Neither should we if we want to keep our rights and keep our nation free.

      1. Your post is amusing at best, totally lacking in reality. But your hate, fear and lack of facts shines along side your paranoia…

  6. The election of Trump headed off a second civil war…Thank your lucky stars liberals…Also,
    California please, please secede from the U.S

    1. One of these days you of the “thick headed” will expand your horizens and realize that just as many liberals enjoy the second admendment and some conservatives do not. Meanwhile the “think headed” ones that sit behind their keyboards and make stupid statments like your empty threat toward people is getting really getting old.

      1. There won’t be guns and ammo bans like if Hillary were elected. Hillary’s loss is great for us gun owners.

    2. LOL this is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read in my life… You are praising Trump for avoiding a civil war while simultaneously encouraging a state to secede from the union. I seem to remember the original civil war having something to do with a group of states trying to secede…. Holy smokes man, open a book….

  7. This guy has no meaningful history with, or commitment to, any of the shooting sports. Until he was running for President he didn’t have anything to say in support of gun-owners. He is openly hostile to the conservation movement that hunters created in America. If you want land to hunt on, healthy and abundant wildlife, and water clean enough to eat the fish out, of then Trump will be a disaster. He has turned on almost everyone he ever did business with. Sooner or later, that will include the gun-owners who were foolish enough to believe that he was one of us.

      1. He is absolutely right, and you’re doing yourself a disservice by invoking the “democrap” language…. Trump took a firm pro-2A stance during his campaign, so assuming he sticks to his word then he was the clear “gun-owners candidate.” But he was by far the worst candidate when it comes to conservation and land access. Between the appointments to the EPA and DOE that he has promised and his refusal to take a stance on public land transfers, his presidency will almost certainly negatively impact hunters and anglers. His appeal to sportsmen essentially ended at “my son is a hunter.” But your guns are safe, so I hope that was more important than having land to hunt on and healthy ecosystems.

      2. I hunt my own land. 110 acres that butts right up to the lake we fish. Yes, Trump 2016. Obama and Hillary for prison in 2017……

      3. Okay, got it, so screw everyone else who hunts public land or fishes rivers (which nobody owns) as long as you get yours? Forget about the millions of acres of federal land that every American has a birth right to access? I’ve fished and/or hunted in nearly every state from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. People like you who would take that right away from other Americans aren’t worth my time and you have no business calling yourself a sportsman. Take a hike pal…

      4. Huh? Of course he has the right to do whatever he wants on his own land. I’m talking about public land. What are you talking about??

      5. It’s his land and he pays the taxes, we allow responsible people to use our land if we are certain that they are responsible. Are you familiar with liability laws? Just suppose you allow someone to use your land and they cause someone else or themselves harm, then show up at the hospital and don’t pay their bill? Guess who pays in most cases, the land owner is taken to court by the hospital’s insurance company, it’s known as the deep pockets policy. If you want to use our property you can offer to buy it.
        We allowed a friend to hunt on our mountain property, a few years he brought his son and then his son brought his friends. Soon it became a party place and they left a mess. Then a huge monster of a tree stand appeared. It kept growing as did the trash pile. A clean up was requested by us, it didn’t happen but the trash pile kept growing until we cleaned it and installed a gate. I posted the property.

      6. What the heck are you talking about? I don’t want to hunt his land, don’t care if he let’s anyone else hunt his land, nor care what he does himself on his own land. That isn’t what I’m talking about, not even close. I’m talking about protecting public/federal land and keeping it accessible to hunters and anglers and out of the hands of commercial enterprise. When Trump was asked about this issue he refused to take a stance, while nearly every other candidate said that they would unequivocally oppose selling these lands off. Every American citizen is an owner of public land and has a birth right to use it. How is it even possible that this many “hunters” are not aware of this issue? Have you ever hunted or fished on federal lands? You do realize that your access to those places is in jeopardy if this administration decides they would would rather get a paycheck from an oil company instead of allowing hunters to use it, right?? Go reread the article you are commenting on. They spell out the problem in plain english, and i already quoted it for another commentor. For Christ’s sake people, read the news, pay attention….

      7. You are absolutely correct Junkie! I cannot figure out the name callers and the other people who would trust this guy on anything. It all sounds like wishful thinking to me. All the evidence and everything he has actually said points to him as being completely unworthy of our trust. As a life member of the NRA I am very disappointed that they backed this guy, although I guess that they felt that they had to in view of Hillary’s anti-firearms stance. We’re going to regret his election.

    1. i think your far better off with him than her,she reminded us of the reinstatment of the asault weapons bill her husband put in to law.Or maybe your in the wrong discussion.

    2. Donald Trump is 1 million times better than Billary when it comes to hunting and fishing. For example, Donald Trump Jr (his son), not only is an avid African big game hunter, but he has appeared several times on TV hunting shows throughout the United States, hunting American “big game.” Do you really think Trump would put the ky-bosh on an activity that his own son loves? Donald Trump even admitted on national TV that he has been a CCW holder for years and he said he believes All Law abiding citizens should have the right to carry in all 50 states. So please tell us again how bad Donald Trump will be, compared to Billary. Where Trump at times may be a small abraision to some thin skinned individuals (because nobody in office is perfect), Billary on the other hand would have been a total “decapitation” procedure to the American hunter.

      1. It’s like you people didn’t even read the article or can’t comprehend what is happening. Why even comment here if you aren’t going read it first? Let me quote what you clearly didn’t read above. “The only thing we do have to watch out for, is transferring federal lands to the states. Sure, it sounds reasonable, but in reality, it’s just a backdoor attempt at allowing more resource extraction from our public lands.” Trump, on several occasions, has refused to take a stance on this issue leaving the door open for selling, leasing, or transferring these lands out of public control. I hunt and/or fish an average of 100 days a year on federal land so this scares the hell out of me and others who do the same. Supporting the 2A is barely a fraction of supporting hunters and anglers, and Trump’s commitment to outdoorsmen ends at saying his son likes to hunt. And also, billionaires travelling to Africa and paying thousands for guided hunts has literally nothing to do with hunting here in the states…

      2. Agree as his son was not “hunting” as we know it.. but we must worry about what happens to fed land for us all.. might strain some but when he rules (on everything) start changing, well off will get big breaks.. time for the populace to do serious fact checks on anything that comes up.

      3. Having seen stuff on African big game shooting I would hardly call it hunting, it is play ground for rich to buy some killing time. You do know that among other flip flops he backed assault ban and was not pro gun.. Please post what facts you have on her that are real, and for the less informed how she was supposed to be taking all guns and ending 2nd. Not a H fan, but the facts really suffered this election and we can only guess at the precedence set for next election…

  8. Utah republicans want federal lands turned over to the state. This would be a disaster to public hunting access. The rich and connected will end up owning your favorite hunting spot and if you can get access it will cost you a pretty penny. Most of northern Utah is that way now.

  9. Did I miss something or did some of you ! Public land is not public land if government agencies shoot you because you use it . Public land use under Obama meant the land was only open to whatever liberal/socialists decided , and nothing is more closed than the liberal/socialist mind . Hillary Clinton would have allowed any type of action on public land SHE could profit from , whether it was strip mining by Russian Cartels or total deforestation by China’s Industries . If you doubt that , look at what the Soviet Union did in its “satellite ” nations , that is socialism unfettered .

    1. You are actually delusional, and it’s unfortunate for the rest of us that you have the right vote… The things you are describing are the concerns that all informed outdoorsmen have with Donald Trump. He refused to take a stance on this and make a commitment to keeping our public lands public. Aside from backing the 2A, he has done nothing for hunters. For all of her shortcomings, Clinton at least took a hard line stance against developing public lands and pledged to keep them in public control and managed for recreation. Trump is the ONLY candidate who was vague on this issue and left the door open for profiting from our public lands. The more you know….

      1. River_ Junkie I guess you voted for corruption and avarice and gun confiscation along with hillary clinton . Check out what the Australian hunters are allowed to hunt with ,……….Hillary praised that program , then said it could be more complete . She sold twenty percent of our uranium mines to Russia . She would sell us out again
        Donald Trump was not my first choice , or second ,for that matter , but thank heaven he won . I hope and pray he grows into the job , he certainly has shown a side of himself I was not aware of when he began his campaign for the nomination , and I have faith he will continue to do so .

      2. Nope, I didn’t vote for either of these candidates. There was no doubt who was going to win my state so I wrote in my first choice, which is exactly what every American should have done, but it doesn’t matter now… What you are saying about our uranium mines is a debunked conspiracy theory, but I’m not going to sit here and discuss propaganda with you. You can Google what really happened if you actually cared to know. And as far as Australia goes, they didn’t have a constitutional right to own guns so it isn’t comparable. Same thing when they were mostly banned in England. America is unique in that our right to own firearms is written into our constitution and therefore guaranteed to us. You should show some faith in that or you’ll spend your entire life being afraid of something that literally can’t happen. Also, supporting the 2A is only one component of supporting hunters and anglers. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can own a hunting rifle if there is no public land left to hunt on or no animals left because of habitat degradation. Trump has shown ZERO commitment to outdoorsmen other than supporting the 2A, and that isn’t good enough for me and shouldn’t be good enough for you either…

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