What a Donald Trump Presidency Means for Hunters and Shooters


Hunters and gun owners alike woke up this morning and were able to breathe a sigh of relief when they found out Donald Trump won the Presidency.

So what does a Donald Trump presidency mean for hunters? Well, OutdoorHub recently published a handful of articles that spell out exactly what to watch for.

A couple of real big concerns in this election were, the handling of the Supreme Court and defending our Second Amendment Rights. With Trump behind the wheel, we can rest assured that our right to bear arms is safe and sound.

The only thing we do have to watch out for, is transferring federal lands to the states. Sure, it sounds reasonable, but in reality, it’s just a backdoor attempt at allowing more resource extraction from our public lands.

When you break it all down, and it’s a lot to digest, it appears (at least for now) that this was a big win for hunters. If you compare Donald’s America vs Hillary’s America, it can be a little scary for both sides, but at least with Trump, we don’t have to worry about someone showing up at our doors looking to take away our deer rifles.

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