Police in Rochester Hills, Michigan are looking for a man who shot a deer in a backyard, and then drove on someone else’s property to retrieve it. Guess this guy figured he would jump the gun on everyone else and start gun season early.

Residents of the neighborhood said the particular buck was known around the subdivision and always liked hanging around the Trudeau’s home, according to Click on Detroit.

One morning, Tammy Trudeau saw the buck laying on the ground, so she sent her husband Mark outside to inspect the deer. “He was laying on the ground, so I walked back about 100 yards behind our house and it had been shot,” Mark said.

The Trudeau’s called the police, but before they could arrive and the DNR could retrieve the body, a blue SUV pulled onto their property. A man got out, picked up the deer, loaded it in his truck and drove off.

Unfortunately for that guy, Tammy was thinking on her feet and was able to snap a picture of the man. She captured the suspected shooter while loading the deer in what they said was a 2000-2004 blue Nissan Xterra with spoke wheels.

If you have any information on this poacher, please inform authorities right away. And if you know him personally, you might want to remind him that the opener for gun season in Michigan is next week.

Image is a screenshot from Click on Detroit video

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One thought on “Police Search for Poacher who Shot a Buck and Drove on Someone’s Yard to Retrieve it.

  1. Pretty sad when a person does something like this. Am a long time hunter, but in Michigan, deer hunting brings the worst out in people. Deer Season in Michigan is a ZOO! Just as many deer are poached in Michigan as legally killed. How they survive the way too long open season on them, vehicle collisions, poaching, natural predation and sickness is beyond me.

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