Video: This Chinese C96 Mauser Replica is Called the “Wauser”


Know how you get a replica copy of something and it’s just not the same as the original? That’s pretty much how this C96 Mauser earned its nickname the “Wauser.”

The C96 Mauser was a very popular handgun in China in the 1920’s and 30’s, and naturally, because of its popularity, it led to a lot of domestically-produced copies of it. These ran a full range of quality, from downright dangerous to excellent. The gun in this video falls somewhere in the middle, appearing to be a fairly well made copy of the C96 Mauser.

However, the gun does exhibit classic Chinese errors, including misspelled words – the people who worked to make these guns often didn’t speak English or German, and would just do their best to copy the markings from an authentic firearm.

Results often varied, but more than not, they ended up with something like the “Wauser.”

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