A Spring Hill, Tennessee, firefighter found out that headless rattlesnakes can still be dangerous.

Kyle Watson was on a hiking trip with his wife and kids, when they came across a juvenile rattlesnake. There were a number of people on the trail at the time, so Kyle did what he thought was the most logical thing to do.

“I decided to cut the head off the snake with a kayak paddle,” Watson told Q13 Fox reporters.

After decapitating the snake, he wanted to show his children the head so they would know what to avoid if they ever came across one. He picked up the snake with his hand, and what happened next is terrifying.

“The head turned and struck me on the finger. It latched on and I slung it off,” Watson said.

It wasn’t long before Kyle started feeling the effects of the snake’s venom.

“It took about 10 seconds for the burning sensation to start shooting through my arm. Within 60 seconds, I was unconscious. I fell on the trail and hit the back of my head on a rock. I was knocked out. In a remote area, bleeding from my head and bitten by a snake,” Watson said.

He had to be evacuated by helicopter to the Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he promptly received an IV drip of anti-venom serum.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Decapitated Rattlesnake Bites Firefighter Sending Him to Hospital

  1. I know of the reverse of this happening . The man brought a large ,decapitated rattlesnake to the gunclub to show his buddies the snake he killed in his back yard just minutes earlier . It was in the back ow his pickup . He grabbed by the tail to show its size , the severed ,headless body swung around and struck the back of his hand . He literally screamed and threw the body which coiled up when it hit the ground . Needless to say it was the main topic at the gunclub for several weeks . His nickname was ” Snake ” for a long time .

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