Video: Record-Breaking Blue Catfish Caught


While fishing for bass on California’s Lower Otay Lake, Noy Vilanysane hooked into something that turned out to be a huge surprise.

He was fishing in a bass tournament, using 8-pound-test line on a spinning rod, and casting a 4-inch swimbait. However, his choice of tackle attracted something he didn’t expect.

Noy hooked into a blue catfish that would end up crushing the previous lake record. The fish weighed almost 103 pounds, so given his light tackle, it’s no surprise this epic battle lasted more than 1 hour.

The fish was subject to a short photo-shoot, then released back into the water to fight another day, or possibly grow even bigger.

Noy’s catch goes down as the second-largest blue cat caught in San Diego County. The California state record still stands with a 113.4-pound blue catfish caught in 2008.

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