‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Attacked, Robbed and Thrown From Speeding Vehicle


Jake Harris, star of the TV series ‘Deadliest Catch’ was attacked, robbed and thrown from a speeding vehicle on November 12.

Apparently, Jake had befriended the two suspects at the casino the day before the robbery took place, however they clearly had other intentions rather than making a new friend.

Jake was leaving a casino in Washington on Nov. 12 and got into a car with multiple passengers. It was while they were traveling down Highway 526 that a fight broke out, and Jake was thrown from the speeding vehicle. He survived, but suffered a pretty serious head injury. After getting medical attention, doctors revealed he cracked his skull!

The two suspects have been taken into custody and will be booked in Snohomish County Jail. At least Jake can rest knowing his attackers will be brought to justice.

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