You don’t see this every day. A dog becomes a polar bear’s best friend and it’s pretty darn cute.

This polar bear is absolutely infatuated with this dog, and the dog is a pretty good sport about it! It’s an unlikely friendship, however the two seem to have a good thing going. The polar bear loves petting the dog, and what dog would deny a good petting? Even if it is from a huge polar bear.

I have to wonder though, how does this owner let their dog get that close to a POLAR BEAR? If I see so much as a porcupine or a skunk with my dog, I’m instantly making a B-Line in the opposite direction.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Video: Polar Bear Befriends Dog and Even Learns How to Pet it.

  1. How cute to see them. The polar bear is petting the dog, and it is truly an unnatural seen. For me, I don’t want to think any negative thoughts about the owner’s dog on why he/she allow his/her dog get close to the polar bear.

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