78-Year-Old Takes Down Big Minnesota Buck


A hunter in Minnesota now has a buck story for the ages. Seventy-eight-year-old Jim Wackler took a huge deer last Friday and it could be a new state record.

Jim says he heard this deer coming from the corn field near his stand, “it sounded like a freight train.” When the deer walked out of the corn, Jim says he yelled at the deer and shot him with a 20 gauge shotgun.

Once Jim walked up to the deer and began counting points, he knew he was going to need help. We all know how that goes, everyone has pulled the old “I shot a 30 pointer” trick. Wackler was not kidding however.

The 36-point buck unofficially measured at 270 inches, which would be a firearms state record for non-typical antlers. It also was field dressed at 216 pounds!

The antlers are going through the 60 day drying process, and Wackler expects them to dry down to around 250 inches. Regardless, that would still make this deer one of the five biggest deer ever taken in Minnesota.

Take a listen as Jim tells you exactly what happened in the video below:

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