Video: No Females are Safe from this Bird-Dogging Buck


Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We’ve been saying the rut is on for weeks now, but if you need more convincing, we found proof.

As this video hilariously demonstrates, this is the time of year that even young bucks are in hot pursuit for a mate. Here, a young buck is seen bird-dogging a teenage girl, who apparently was giving off all the right vibes for this buck.

It makes us wonder: Maybe there’s another approach to this whole hunting thing that we overlooked?

Next time your heading out to the woods, bring one of your female friends along with you. When she starts asking why she has to hold a smelly bottle of some mysterious liquid, just assure her it’s all part of the hunt. Ask her to keep circling your treestand, then get ready for a buck to come stomping in to get a look at the “new doe” in the area.

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