Video: Was This a Russian Bigfoot Caught on Camera?


Driving along a dark and snowy road . . . in the middle of nowhere . . . in Russia . . . sounds like the perfect setting for a bigfoot sighting.

As you’ll see in the dash-cam footage below, a couple of guys were driving down a snow-covered road when a humanoid figure busts out of the woods and then runs across the road in front of them.

Not knowing what the two men just saw, they slammed on the brakes and sat frozen in fear. Was this a Russian bigfoot they caught on camera? You be the judge. (Fast-forward to 45 seconds for the best bigfoot action.)

Apparently, this particular stretch of road is known for these strange sightings. Locals know these humanoid figures as ŞüräleThey’re said to be tall, hairy, human-like creatures who live in dark forests. Sound familiar?

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