In a world where everything is getting sleeker and smaller, Full Conceal is focused on manufacturing a handgun that allows for total concealment without compromising firepower.

Why settle for small magazine capacity, short barrels, and short sight radius? When you go up against bad guys, from crazed mass shooters to terrorists, you need all the firepower you can handle. Full Conceal has developed a product that blends the accuracy and reliability of larger pistols with the concealment of your cell phone.

Full Conceal will be at the 2017 Las Vegas Shot Show, on January 17 – 20, so be sure to stop by and check them out!

Image courtesy Full Conceal Facebook

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14 thoughts on “Full Conceal: A Handgun Built for Total Concealment Without Compromising Firepower

  1. Fool Conceal is more like it. Criminals will love ’em, but those with a carry license would be better served with a conventional gun.

      1. Ok, picture this. Some guy grabs your wife and they start tussling. She has to dig this out of her purse, assemble it while fending off the bad guy.

        Buy her a Glock 26 and a decent appendix carry IWB holster.

    1. Try this on for size , Some Rabbit , as a back-up for your primary . Ankle holster on one side , two spare mags on the other leg . I agree the design has problems as a main carry weapon .

  2. this is a joke. its also pathetic how this company is stealing the design from polymer80. if your gonna come out with a product like this atleast be original and don’t copy the frame from another manufactuer who put a lot of R&D into their product. its literally just a polymer80 frame with a magazine holder on the rail and a chopped off grip.

  3. so how do you draw this weapon without your finger in the trigger guard putting pressure on the trigger? Two fingers on the slide……………….I think NOT!

    1. LOL, And i thought carrying without a round chambered was dumb…… This way surpasses that.

      This thing is useless, better off beating the perp with it instead of trying to actually load and fire it.

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