Video: Deer ‘Driving’ UTV Filmed on Michigan Highway


There are a number of methods for getting your deer from the field to your house or to the meat locker, but these hunters came up with a completely off-the-wall approach.

Forget all the old normal methods of hauling your deer home, these hunters decided to have a little fun. Strapped in the back of their Polaris, with a nice Pabst in hand (or hoof), this buck is riding to the butcher in style.

Or maybe not. Do you like this scene? No doubt it will turn a few heads. Or, do you find it a bit (or a bunch) distasteful? Remember, while some fellow hunters will chuckle, many non-hunters (not necessarily the same as anti-hunters), as well as avid hunters will think this display crosses the line.

Jeremy Roomsburg posted the following video on his Facebook, after driving by this unique scene. Do you love it or hate it?

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