Video: Locked Whitetail Buck Nearly Destroys Good Samaritan


During the whitetail breeding season, bucks will fight over a hot doe, or simply to determine dominance. At times the racks of two bucks will become locked, and at that point the animals are sure to die unless someone sets them free.

Of course, approaching whitetails in distress is never 100 percent safe, and there is certainly more than one way to free two locked bucks. As shown in this recent OutdoorHub story, a game warden freed two bucks by using his firearm to shoot off a portion of antler.

In the video below, this group of good Samaritans use a reciprocating saw to cut one of the main beams, eventually freeing the one trophy buck that is still alive. But as you’ll see toward the end of the clip, the guy on the right almost gets destroyed by the fleeing buck. The buck’s tines come SO CLOSE to catching the man in the chest, neck or head.

We’ve said it before in regards to stories like this one: Be careful out there!

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