An ice rink at a theme park in Japan was forced to close after they froze thousands of fish under the ice where visitors skated.

The Space World theme park in Kitakyushu featured an attraction called “Aquarium of Ice,” which was intended to be a magical skating experience with sea creatures, but it failed miserably. The attraction was regarded as having an “appalling lack of morality” and being “disrespectful of life.”

This fish-carcass filled skating rink was closed after 2 weeks of being open despite being “very popular,” Toshimi Takeda, manager at Space World, told CNN.

The ice rink held around 5,000 fish that were bought, already dead, from local fish markets. The fish were staged in large schools under the ice, and there are even pictures of large rays and sharks included in this frozen graveyard.

Image from CCTV News Twitter

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2 thoughts on “Ice Rink Turned into Frozen Graveyard After Fish Frozen in Ice

  1. Great Idea! It succeeded spectacularly. The only thing that fails miserably is the animal “rights” kooks. What’s the fuss about? Whose life is disrespected? The fish were already dead. Leave it to PETA and their ilk to try to make this a moral issue.
    Steve Ehlbeck, Freeport, IL

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