The world is an unpredictable and unfair place, often thrusting unprepared civilians into a chaotic fight for their lives. Self-defense begins much earlier than the outbreak of violence, and situational awareness can be the ultimate determining factor in your survival.

The following principles are derived from the OODA Loop, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd, and expanded upon by John Quattrone, retired United States Air Force Colonel with 25 years of extensive experience in antiterrorism and force protection. While you can never be fully prepared for a dangerous situation you can use the principals in the infographic below to improve your chances of survival.


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11 thoughts on “Infographic: How to Survive an Active Shooter Situation

      1. I’ve meet a lot of people that talk a good talk, but when lead starts flying, they are the first ones that shit their pants. You try to save the ones around you and get as many out as you can! That is alway the first thing instructors have taught in all the active shooter classes I have talked!

      2. If you have attended any type of active shooter seminars or training, the first thing they tell you is to not engage unless you absolutely have to, you try to get as many people out safely as you can, leave the heroic stuff to the professionals, if you in a location with no way out then you fight!

      3. First thank you for your service, civilian training is totally different from military, you are trained to go into the fight, civilians are not and our level is way below what you all go through

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