Want a behind-the-scenes look at some amazing taxidermy work? Look no further than the video below, as the team over at Wildlife Gallery goes to work on a variety of unique animals.

These time lapse videos, while fast, show what it takes from start to finish. What you’re left with is a truly spectacular trophy mount.

Having a Dall’s sheep mount in your trophy room is the perfect way to remember a high-elevation wilderness hunt.

An elephant mount has got to be a taxidermist’s worst nightmare. Not only does it require a ton of work and a lot of ladders, but it takes up a ton of room in your shop, too.

If you plan on chasing an aoudad (Barbary sheep), you better pack tough hiking boots and an accurate long-range rifle. These animals thrive in extremely rugged regions, making them difficult to hunt.

You know what they say though: The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Get out there and get after it! After all, don’t you want to add badass trophy mounts like these to your game room?

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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