Know the saying, never wake a sleeping bear? Imagine how irritated this bear was when workmen in Turkey dug it up from its underground den.

The construction workers were excavating an area of land near a forest, when suddenly a big brown bear emerged. (Viewing tip: Fast-forward through half the video to get to the action.)

First, it stuck a paw out as if to say “just 15 more minutes!” As the crew smashes a hole into the terrain, the bear finally pokes its head out, and it is NOT happy.

The bear is clearly distressed, and who can blame it . . . that’s a really bogus wake up call. At first, the bear is really aggressive, attempting to grab or bite any piece of machinery that gets close. Finally, the bear climbs out of the hole and then runs away to find a new, more quiet place to nap.

Image is a screenshot from the streamable video

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